Lynn Business & Tax Services, LLC

Applying Big Firm Experience to Large and Small Engagements

About Lynn Business & Tax Services, LLC

Lynn Business & Tax Services, LLC (LB&T) is an Ohio based tax, accounting and automation firm.  The managing member and founder, Tammy L. Foskey, has over 29 years of public accounting experience across three of the largest worldwide public accounting firms.  During her tenure with the firms, she has provided services across all industries, client types, including business and non-business, and clients of varying sizes and maturity in their life cycle.  Tammy focuses on applying her big firm experience to large and small engagements at LB&T. 

LB&T uses remote communication and personalized online client portals to provide services to clients based in any state. Tax, accounting and automation services do not necessary need to be performed sitting across from one another anymore. 

LB&T applies big firm experience to large and small clients.  The firm has in-depth knowledge ranging from basic accounting to analysis and application of new and existing accounting standards.   The firm's tax knowledge also ranges from basic individual tax compliance and consulting to complex entity structuring, compliance and consulting. In particular, Tammy L. Foskey has an in-depth knowledge of FASB Accounting Standards Codification 740, Income Taxes.

In addition to tax and accounting services, LB&T helps clients with automation, manipulation, calculation and analysis of data and records.   Experience in this area ranges from basic excel to complex data analytic tools and software implementation.  Broadly the services in this area are referred to as automation.